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How to get sandwiches on the Internet

One of our neighbors wanted to take orders online, so we hooked up their menu to post to, and then made a web page that “displayed” the orders.
The idea involved a Windows scheduled task, running on their personal computer, next to the kitchen, that would poll a web page for orders.
When new ones showed [...]

Emacs as an inferior-lisp-program

Emacs has this inferior-lisp mode where you can send lisp forms to a running lisp image. This can either be a common-lisp (although Slime is more specialized at that), or a scheme, or as it turns out, it can be emacs itself.
Put these two files in a directory some place:

Then, simply tell emacs to make [...]

Why nobody likes a PHP developer

This isn’t hate on PHP.
We do web hosting. Most of our customers use PHP in some capacity or another. PHP has this great set of features that made it very accessible for a wide array of applications. People using it means there are lots of applications available for it. Lots of people. Lots of applications.
This [...]

Interactive HTML development in Emacs

I accidentally discovered mozrepl today. It’s clearly designed for JavaScript development, but I thought it might be interesting for HTML development as well, and hacked the following together:

(require ‘moz)
(require ‘json)
(defun moz-update (&rest ignored)
"Update the remote mozrepl instance"
(comint-send-string (inferior-moz-process)
(concat "content.document.body.innerHTML="

XEN musings

When putting together our VPS system, we spent a lot of time looking at XEN. Most VPS providers use XEN. XEN has great tools.
However, we eventually settled on using KVM because it was conceptually simpler, had better I/O performance (according to hdparm and ab), but most importantly because XEN’s future began to look bleak. XEN [...]

Security by what?

One of our customers called and said he couldn’t connect to netMail, and after some digging, I found out that the problem only occurred on the inside.
A Sonicwall firewall was to blame; butchering POST content that produces application/x-javascript – but not the GET content with the same mime type, and not when the [...]

Backing up Windows Servers

I had always assumed that NTBACKUP.EXE did the right thing. Somehow, magically, it grabbed all the files – even those that were open. However, in upgrading our backup systems, I noticed why most recovery requests for Windows sites fail: Windows cannot back up files that are open by other processes. This means that the ultra-important [...]

A plea to PHP developers.

This is a plea to PHP developers. Perl and Python web developers should heed similar advice because this really applies to MySQL development, and not PHP.
Please use mysql_connect() with no arguments. This causes it to get the database settings from the php.ini file, or perhaps, the my.cnf file.
What you are doing by letting the user [...]

netMail improvements

This was interesting.
One of our clients has a large Exchange deployment (by large, I mean more than 1000 seats) and decided they needed to satisfy another 800 mail users. Rather than immediately double their Microsoft licensing costs, they contacted us to see if we could do anything for them because it was only going to [...]