Mike wants to keep up with you on Twitter

Anyone have any ideas why Ameriplan aka MyBenefitsPlus dot com is trawling for email addresses and searching for them on twitter?

When someone searches for your email addres on twitter and you’re not already on twitter, you get an email from twitter that looks like this:

From: Twitter <twitter-invite-micah=mybenefitsplus.com@postmaster.twitter.com>
blah blah blah, join twitter.

From there, if you like, you can search for them; make a phone call; email them directly; etc. It all seems awful convenient, until some spammers and snake-oil vendors start trying to use it as the next “in”.

I wonder if Twitter is going to try and stop this, try and monetize it, or even let its users know that spammers are connecting their online and offline profiles through their service.

Until I learn more, I’m going to strongly recommend that people only use twitter (if at all) using secret email addresses.

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